Mbwana Alliy


Mbwana enjoys blogging about technology in Africa whenever he can.


Essays & Publications

  • Connecting Tanzania to Silicon Valley: Feasibility study on establishing an incubator to grow the Information  communication and telecoms (ICT) sector in Tanzania (2010) [PDF]
  • Spreadsheets: Aiming the Accountant's Hammer to Hit the Nail (2008) on the Head. [PDF]
  • Social Music Discovering: Finding Product-Market fit (2007). [PDF]
  • The State of the Union of Mobile Marketing (2007) [PDF]
  • SPACE: The Final Business Frontier ( 2006) America Institute of Aeronautics) [PDF]
  • Kiva: Innovations in Microfinance (2005) [PDF]


You can find Savannah Fund related material on Waterhole.


Mbwana co-founded and successfully launched Yellow Masai, East Africa's first dedicated commerce booking portal HQ  in Arusha, Tanzania with over 500 travel merchants inc. leading regional airlines, hotels, tour operators covering the largest national parks inc. Serengeti, Kilimanjaro operators and Zanzibar beach villas. It is the largest single database to date on travel merchants in Tanzania. He recently moved on to be a director of TanTravel, a boutique family travel business in Tanzania for clients wanting a unique travel experience.






Mbwana advises Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic is an international NGO whose mission is to address the problem of healthcare access for isolated communities on Lake Tanganyika- using a clinic on a ship and anchoring offshore to provide health services.


Mbwana- views are entirely my own.